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Raptor Qucik Release
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Raptor Plate Carrier

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The RAPTOR was developed with input from S.F. Units and is based on the US SPEAR CUT / SHAPE, as used by US SOCOM Operators, the SPEAR cut allows excellent armour coverage while allowing all important movement and mobility.

The Raptor has a unique quick release system (Patent Pending) which allows the rig to be adjusted while being worn by the Operator, in addition the Pull Release (left or right handed installation) is securely located in the front shoulder section and does not interfere with day to day user operations..

The RAPTOR is lined with 4 mm 3D Spacer Mesh Fabric which allows air to circulate around the body for cooling, it also provide enhanced comfort particularly during prolonged periods of operation. The RAPTOR has a split front opening flap which allows quick and easy access when the front of the rig is loaded with pouches.


  • Height from Base of Rig is 17 Inches adjusted  to 21 Inches 
  • Girth ranges from 40 Inches to 48 Inches 
  • Chest fits 42 Inches to 48 Inches(


  • Height from Base of Rig is 16 Inches adjusted to 20 Inches
  • Girth ranges from 34 Inches to 42 Inches
  • Chest fits 38 Inches to 43 Inches