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K9 Ballistic Vest IIIA+
K9 Ballistic Vest IIIA+
K9 Ballistic Vest IIIA+

K9 Ballistic Vest IIIA+

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• Ultralight Series Armor

• Fabric: 400d nylon • Color: Black - Model # 540011

• Canine Breeds Compatible with System: (Note* best suited for the following breeds with a weight above 90lbs.)

• Belgium Malinois, German Shephard, Labrador Retriever, Golden Retrievers, American Staffordshire Terrier (Pitbull), American Bulldog

• Adjustable full torso (includes “under belly”) 360-degree coverage: • Front neck, rear neck coverage • Reinforced Leash lanyard attachment

• Rows of Molle – 6 total

• Hook and loop system for patches and/or identification tags

• Police K9 patch included (singular)

• Rear neck detachable • Multi-hit capable defense

Ballistic Information

Note*: Back-face deformation effects dogs differently than humans, trauma impact from bullet strike can be worse on a dog than a human

• NIJ (National Institute of Justice) IIIA compliant & tested ballistic material

• .44 Magnum 240gr. SJHP, (1430 fps)

• .357 Sig 125gr. FMJFN, (1470 fps) • 9mm 124gr, FMJ, (1305 fps) • “+” Denotes additional protection beyond NIJ Level IIIA • .40 S&W 180gr. FMJ, (1155 fps) • .45 ACP 230gr FMJ, (850 fps) • .357 Magnum 158gr JSP, (1340 fps) • FN 5.7 SS197 40gr V-Max (1700 fps) • Armor buoyancy (floats in water) - ballistic material specific gravity 0.97-to-1 • Partial stab-resistance