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FLIR, 60 Hz thermal imaging powered by the FLIR Boson thernmal core . On board redording. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capability for simple file transfer. Picture-in-picture zoom, intuitive controls and GPS functionality. 13.8mm lens, IP-67 RATED HOUSING

    • Thermal imaging
    • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capability
    • On board redording

    The FLIR Scion OTM captures clear thermal imaging and leverages a refined user interface to quickly detect objects of interest in complete darkness and through glaring light or haze.



    FLIR, 60 Hz OTM 266 640 thermal imaging 18mm lens

    FLIR 60Hz OTM 366 640 thermal imaging 25mm lens

    FLIR 60Hz PTM 366 640 thermal imaging 25mm lens