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Surviving a mass shooting.

Death toll rises to 50

Fifty people were killed and another 50 worshipers were wounded in the attack in New Zealand, Christ Church Police Commissioner Mike Bush told reporters.

A Syrian refugee and his teenage sons, a Pakistani academic and a blossoming student are among the victims of last Friday's attacks. It’s the biggest massacre in New Zealand's modern history. A 28-year-old gunman live streamed his carnage at two mosques.

Active killer events all seem to make the news regardless of what country it originates from. These imbed in the back of our mind that these occurrences are woven in the fabric of our society and that there is an element of “wolves” out there planning to massacre dozens or more unsuspecting people.

There is constantly new government legislation, being passed, police training adapting and corporate, school and places of worship policies being developed to combat active killer events in order so make our society safer but ultimately our safety is dependent on oneself, and our proactive preparedness for these tragic events and ability to react correctly during and after the chaos.

Some policy changes require staff to carry guns and go through training to handle armed shootings, yet some simply install camera systems and change entry point lock mechanisms, others hire security or off duty police to patrol. The debate is still ongoing as to whether to arm staff members or not. Statistically an armed citizen is 14 times more likely to stop an active killer versus 3 times being stopped by police. It simply breaks down to the closest “Good guy with a gun” that can end the evil deed.

However, whether there is armed staff, security or police is in the vicinity does not mean they will be able to stop the shooter. We’ve heard about the sheriff’s deputy in Florida that did not engage the attacker. If you carry a gun, I believe you need a warrior/Sheepdog mentality to go with your gun. You need the ability to turn from sheepdog into predator as you hunt for and stop the evil as quickly as you possibly can.


“Employers have the responsibility to provide a safe workplace. Employers MUST provide their employees with a workplace that does not have serious hazards and follow all OSHA safety and health standards.”

Is it OSHA’s responsibility to set guidelines for businesses to provide a safe workplace during these random acts of evil? I’m sure the subject is being looked at as we speak. There are HR departments in some companies who show videos on the subject of “what do if there is an active shooter” The title shooter is more palatable than “killer”. Some companies post maps of the office layout for their employees to know where the closest exit is to their workspace. But very few have periodic training or drills on the subject matter.

In school we’ve all learned “Stop Drop and Roll” if we catch on fire. But are they now learning “Run, Hide, Fight”?

Often times people and companies spend their budgets on tangibles items that fix a problem. Like buying AEDs instead of a CPR certification. We have products specifically for the prevention of mass casualty violent attacks. Our Presidential Dropdown Ballistic Shield is a Certified NIJ Level III shield with handles that an untrained person can grab, unfold instantly and take cover/concealment behind it. They can egress through a doorway to safety and potentially stack others behind them while they exit.

The Presidential Drop Down Shield has been used by protection details around the world. When multiple shields are deployed at the same time to protect a high value client, it creates a safety cocoon which is augmented by the protection details bullet resistant vests. The Presidential Drop Down Shield comes in 3 sizes 16” wide, 24” wide and 32” wide. I would highly recommend at least one Presidential Shield strategically placed in every business, store, school, church, clinic, hospital etc. Some place it beside the AED on the wall for ease of access. With the drop down shield and some training, a small group could, as a last resort, advance towards an active killer and take appropriate action.

Another protective product we carry an individual can use for their personal use anywhere is our Safety Seat Ballistic Shield. It’s another quality product that offers ballistic protection and doubles as a seat cushion. I know what you are thinking. Who is going to shoot you in the tush? If you are a student, teacher, office worker or truck driver, you will always have ballistic protection at arm’s reach. Since time is of the essence when you hear sudden loud bangs and or people screaming or see people suddenly running frantically, you’ll have your ballistic shield within your grasp. This gives you options. 1. Run for an exit. While doing so you can keep the shield in front of you or put your arms through the straps and put it on your back if you feel the gunshots are from behind you. 2. Hide. Of course it’s best if you find cover (ballistic value, i.e.; concrete wall) over concealment (No ballistic value, i.e.: sheetrock walls) but at least you’ll have your Safety Seat Ballistic Shield with you until Law Enforcement arrives.

In our next blog we will continue the discussion on measures to protect yourself during mass casualty events. We will explain how you can increase your chances of survival.

This is the main reason why Spear Gear International exists.

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