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Survival of the Fittest

If you make your living while carrying a gun you probably already know that your shooting skill is perishable.  It’s a daunting task to keep your skills sharp. The gun of course is to be used as a last resort so we have to train in combatives as well and that takes physical fitness. How are your striking skills, your joint manipulation skills, your ground skills, edged weapon and baton skills, pistol shooting skills, rifle and shotgun shooting skills, re-loading skills, clearing malfunction skills? It seems as soon as you add a new dimension to your skillset, you have more to practice.

All of the skill sets take not only countless hours of practice to climb the ladder of excellence “Perfect practice that is” but require a level of fitness to maintain the skills during high stress events such as apprehending a suspect after a foot chase or being robbed by 3 dirt bags or fighting off an intruder in your home.

I found a way to combine some skill with a fitness routine that allows you to get the heart rate up and perform life-saving skills at the same time.

Why not combine your workout routine with some of your defensive/combative skills. Of course weightlifting, running and calisthenics are great. You can concentrate on proper technique and posture but we can bring it up a notch and focus our training to give it real purpose.

If you don’t have a firing range near you that allow you to “do your thing” then you’ll have to use an inert pistol, a toy gun or even a ball point “clicky” pen. That’s right a clicky pen can give you the feel of a trigger. Attempt clicking the pen without moving the rest of your hand. You should be able to depress the pen button without the rest of the pen moving what so ever. That’s trigger control my friend. …..and working out with a pen won’t offend any snowflakes either.

Now create a workout routine such as

30 Alternating Lunges + 20 Squats + 10 burpees   

5 trigger presses in a squatted position

30 star jumps/jumping jacks + 30 Mountain Climbers

5 trigger presses in a squatted position

3-5 mins of fast skipping with a good speed rope             

5 trigger presses in a prone position

10 x 50 meter sprint reps with 10 seconds rest between each rep 5 trigger presses strong hand only

5 trigger presses support hand only from kneeling position (get up and down each time)

20 squat jumps + 20 burpees + 20 Squat Thrusts

10 trigger presses each time you do a crunch (pick a specific target).

At the firing range you would follow all of the safety precautions you normally would. But now you get to integrate your shooting with actual dynamic movements as well as keeping your heart rate up. Integrating realism into your shooting performance brings you closer to marries your physical fitness and the fine motor skills it takes to shoot well. In some situations you may be required to run, jump, crawl, drag someone, carry a child to get to safety and perhaps fight for your life during or after. You’ll be thankful for the time you spent on skill building/maintaining.

Let us know if you already do something like this and or train with a duty belt on. Training with a realistic mindset may help you stay alive one day. 

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