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SPEAR GEAR International signs new vendor agreement

We are proud to announce our new vendor agreement with VETERAN's Manufacturing. Based out of Katy Texas. They are manufacuturers of some of the lightest body armor we've seen. They supply carriers, bullet resistant materials including a TSA approved luggage panel, ballistic clipboard for teachers, delivery people or pastors. They have an armored PFG that's been approved by the United States Coast guard and an Active Shooter & Hostage Event Rescue kit that meets or exceeds NFPA 3000 requirements for Fire, Rescue and EMS.

Their products are not only superior but very smartly priced. They know that Fire Departments, EMS and Law Enforcement have dangerous jobs and it's getting worse. There are Firefighters and paramedics going into hot or warm zones without ballistic or stab protection.

I've been on a volunteer fire department where some of us have been physically attacked at a medical or rescue call. These guys at Vetererans, like us, care about saving the lives of those who save lives. We've had the privelage of spending time with co-owner Justin Bellamy and attended the EMS World Conference with him.

We seen first hand how much attention to detail and customer service oriented this company is. Veterans and Spear Gear have parralel visions, work ethics and integrity and we believe you'll be happy with their products.

Check out our website at SpearGearIntl.com and type Veterans in the search bar to see the list of their products.

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