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Protect yourself during mass casualty events

Protect yourself during mass casualty events

In the last blog we talked about the active killer event that happened recently in New Zealand. As our pace of life quickens, the tragic events fade quickly from our memories except for the people directly affected. We mentioned products that we carry, specifically for the prevention of mass casualty violent attacks like our Presidential Dropdown Ballistic Shield and our Safety Seat Ballistic Shield which are items you can have at arm’s reach.

There are many strategies dispersed on what to do when you see or hear an active killer event unfold. Number one is self-preservation. The trouble with the strategies are that if you have not practiced your plan until it is second nature, the shock of the event unfolding may put you behind the reaction curve.

In this day and age, it is probably wise to have some kind of ballistic protection with you at all times. Violent crime happens anywhere. You might just happen to be there when it’s explodes. You could be at the gas station, bank, movie theatre, mall, school or work or maybe in traffic. Having some kind of ballistic shield/panel that is small enough, light enough to carry anywhere but big enough to do the job might be ideal.

One of the ballistic panels we carry are the BAP (Backpack Armor Plate). Made of fiberglass and resins the BAP comes in two sizes 8.5x13 and 11x17 and is NIJ Level IIIa. They can be used for backpacks or inserted in a desk drawer, brief case, car door pocket. The illustration is of a ballistic tested 8.5x13 panel where you can see the various pistol rounds successfully stopped.

Perhaps a hard plate just doesn’t work with your lifestyle but soft armor can easily be integrated into your daily groove. We have the ability to sell soft NIJ Level IIIa panels of just about any size. The flexibility of the soft panels mean you can insert them into liners of jackets, pockets, binders, laptop cases or a myriad of other ideas that are specific to your or your family’s life.

Spear Gear also carries bullet resistant clothing such as jackets, coats, under garments, vests, for both men and women. Heck we can even carry bullet resistant Armani Suits for those of you 007s out there.

A word of caution however, when placing soft armor against your body and taking a hit from a pistol round, the material will absorb and disperse the kinetic energy from the round to an extent. The impact from the round, although may not penetrate the panel can cause serious, local, blunt trauma and cause contusions or perhaps broken bones. But YOU LIVE!

If placing a soft panel in a child’s backpack, it is recommended to place the panel inside the outer edge of the backpack so that the panel and the books will absorb the penetration vs the child’s tissue.

Placement of your armor is also critical. You want to place your panel where it will have the most effect. Either place the panel at arm’s reach or if you wear it, ensure you place it as close to your thoracic area as possible. You want to protect your heart and lungs as well as your head.

Active killer events are extremely unpredictable as far as location, timing and scope…………

In our next blog we will continue the discussion on measures to protect yourself during mass casualty events. We will explain how you can increase your chances of survival by preparing ahead of time.

This is the main reason why Spear Gear International exists.

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