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Fight how you train

We've all heard the term. We know that making bloody training can bring us closer to bloodless fighting. But when it comes to just plain old fitness we digress back to traditional exercises, cycling, running and lifting weights. 

Crossfit came into the spotlight a few years ago and made exercise more dynamic by using real world props to build strength, stamina, balance, co-ordination and speed. When I had my martial art schools, I often took my students outside in their regular street clothes and trained in various weather and terrain outdoors. 

Consider this: develop an exercise program where you dry-fire, use striking, weight-lifting all at once to elevate your heart rate, breathing and blood pressure. This type of routine became a regular part of my routine when I had my tactical range and made it a frequent portion of training in my courses.

This includes wearing gear, especially your plates and battle belt during your fitness sessions. If you are on the police department, security, military or corrections you wear gear. If you have an old uniform and old gear kicking around, then wear it.

I guarantee you'll feel better while you are at work.


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